About Soh

Name : Soh Kim Choon

Age : 21

Status : Single

Date of Birth : 10 May 1988

Education Background :
Kindergarten – Tadika Bunga Raya
Primary – S.R.J.K.(C) Hin Hua
Secondary – S.M.K. Tinggi Klang
Foundation – Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Foundation in Art)
Degree – Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting)

Hobbies : Swimming, basketball, comics reading and all sort of outdoor activities.

Ambition : Accountant, businessman

Favorite foods: Chocolate, durian and others

Favorite drinks : Anything that is sweet

Favorite books : I read story book like Harry Potter, twilight and also brain related books. however, I prefer more on reading comic.

Favorite movies : All sort of movies but not horror movie.

Favorite songs : Twinkle twinkle little star, Old Mc Donald has a farm, London bridge is falling down. I don't really listen to songs but I will tried my best.

Top 5 websites :
1. Yahoo website – I check yahoo mail everyday. (www.yahoo.com)
2. UTAR main website – I look for updated news for my study here. (www.utar.edu.my)
3. Imanhua website– A free comic website which I will visit when I'm free(www.imanhua.com)
4. Lowyat forum website – An informative forum that I like to participates for answering some my queries. (www.forum.lowyat.net)
5. Facebook website – I make and look for latest news of my friends here. (www.facebook.com)

Top 5 internet activities :
1. Read free comic online.
2. Check mails.
3. Play online game.
4. Watch funny video through youtube.
5. Chatting with friends via msn messenger.

About me:
Sincerely, I don't really know about myself but I'm working on it.What I'm sure about is that I like hanging out especially with my family members and friends. So, feel free to call me out to help me learn more about who am I. Haha.


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