Corporate Blogging: A new marketing communication tool for companies.

Nowadays, blogging is not longer referring to a personal sharing tool on the internet. It has evolved to a powerful tool that is widely used in all areas. For instance, corporate are now blogging to promote themselves to people around the world. They used it as the new form of marketing strategies to communicate with their customers.

Corporate blogging do help a lot in market the company to the outside world. One of the contribution is it help promote product, services, company latest news and others instantly to the customer. Corporate can easily post the information online to share with everyone. Customers are able to get first hand information instead of filters information from the media. It has said to be similar to an informal press release to the public. Besides, corporate blogging has also keep customers up-to-date with company current issues. With the support of RSS technology, customers can read recent posts without actually visiting the blog.

Next, corporate blogging can also act as a direct communication tool among the corporate and the customers. With the existence of corporate blog, customers can easily connect with the company. They can now post queries and comment to the company with just a few clicks. Immediate reply and respond could also be given to customer by the related companies.

Furthermore, setting up a corporate blog has save a lot on company’s money and time. Company do not has to spend high advertising cost on printed and electronic media. This is because customers can get anything they want through the blog. Moreover, company no longer need to spend long time on posting company’s information through media. It can directly post information that want to be known by public within a short period.

Although corporate blog is a powerful tool for company’s operation, it still carries some disadvantages to either the company or public. For instance, corporate blogging has made easy for defamation and invasion of privacy or loss of company confidentiality and security. Besides, corporate blogging might not be the best place for clear information as company only post positive news instead of negative information.

Below are some of the examples of corporate blog:

Dell Blog

Adobe Blog

The following are five main type of corporate blogging:

a) Company Blog

b) CEO Blog

c) Industry Blog

d) Department or Product Blog

e) Customer Service Blog

Check this web site for more detail explanation on the type of corporate blogging-

In my opinion, I found that corporate blog do really help in company operation. Information is widely share among one and another. Customer can easily get the latest news from the blog. As the customer has the power to access to company’s information, they feel satisfy and more committed to stay with the companies. Good customer satisfaction will eventually lead to an increment of companies’ performance. Therefore, it can’t deny that corporate blog do bring a lot of benefit to company.


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Anonymous said...

yes i agree that blogging among the corporates are getting more popular nowadays. it is a great way/tools for information dissemination to all of the customer out there. by using blog, corporate can update their information at a quick and convenient way instead of going through the other forms of media such as newspaper, radio, TV etc.

Beside convenience, it is also a affordable and effective way of advertising for their company.

Thanks for sharing.

-Kevin BEN2

Anonymous said...

This quite popular in the western countries. It does serve as a good platform to market a company beside conventional media. Potential clients can get to know the latest company update.


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