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Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to cheat people through the internet. One of it is cheating through beauty care products which have commented in the website. Beauty care product like lipsticks, facial masks, makeup products is a multi million dollar business. Thus, if a cosmetic company like L’Oreal, Maybelline, and M.A.C manage to capture the public women’s heart through their new products, then all the directors will be smiling during the annual general meeting when announcing the dividend rate. In lay man term says that women money is much more easier to earn and eventually I agree with the statement. As we can see nowadays, most of the women do own beauty care products and it is normal.

Most of the beauty care products will have a sweet name like “My Beauty” or attractive advertisement where it will attract youngsters to enter into the website to have a look since they are curious on it. When the users see the product and the price tag is “CHEAP” then they are excited and intent to buy it since they don’t want to miss the chance to get the product at discount. As a result, I would conclude that users need to be careful when buying products online and don’t get too excited when we found out that the product is cheap. “Cheap price doesn’t come with good quality product.”

Besides that, try to avoid buying products online especially beauty care products where sometimes it can cost us up to hundreds easily. This reason is because we didn’t see the product with our eye and we don’t know what the content of the product. We can only see it through photo which is posted on the website. Therefore, it is quite risky for users to buy it without confirming it at first. In my opinion, I personally do not believe in online purchasing as I can’t see and touch the products. I would prefer to go to the shopping malls to purchase goods as it is more secure and certain products can be returned if there is any wrong on the products.

Besides that, we also don’t know whether the website is it legal or it is just a fictitious website. If the website is illegal or fictitious then the money we paid for the products will be classified as permanent loss.

As a conclusion, if you are regular customer of buying goods online, please be cautious when you buy the products and make sure you get a guarantee from the website to prove that the website is truly legal. As for the people who don’t shop online, please continue with the attitude to avoid any problems happen when purchasing online.


cynthia said...

this information very useful for me,because it can give me to be more precaution when making purchase online!!!

Anonymous said...

very useful information for those who always purchase online.

zoe said...

r u taking e-com course?

Li Yi said...

Zoe, yes i'm taking e-commerce course for this semester? anything?

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