Review a local, transactional e-commerce site

by Vee Lean, Tan

Are you a toy model fans? Do you like anime characters and do you have ever wonder where to get your toy models? XL-Shop is a Malaysian shop that having not only physical store in Malaysia but at the same time it has established an e-commerce website. is a local, transactional e-commerce site which doing both domestic and international businesses. It has a wide collection of toys that could possibly satisfy its customers’ needs. It has 3 outlets in Malaysia which located at Ampang, Time Square, and Mid Valley.

In my opinion, it is quite a successful e-commerce site in Malaysia because it contains several useful features for its customers. First, it has categorize its products into different categories and allowed the customers to browse through them in a convenience way. Second, it recognizes its customers by providing customer feedback form as well as the forum for those fans to have discussion. At the same time, it gives its customer various ways to contact them such as telephone numbers, outlets address, and e-mail address.

Beyond these, it has various way of payment method which allowed the customers to have their own options. A domestic delivery facility has made its customers much more conveniently than collecting the products over the physical counters.

I would said that XL-shop is very considering because it post up those product which are on sales, good demand, and new arrivals. This could then make the customers who have different needs to get through the best route. Furthermore, it also allowed the customers to sign up for newsletter to get the up to date information. This is a brilliant way to keep its customer and develop customer loyalty.

Thus, in my opinion, I would say that to develop a successful e-commerce website is not easy. You may have the best product in your hand, but without a good website, it would definitely ruin everything up. Nowadays, customers’ opinion is always at the top priority when developing an e-commerce website. Therefore, I would say that has done a very good job in term of the features it provides to its customers.

However, it would be fantastic if the web pages can organized into a more reading friendly way. Simple yet informative is the next stage that XL-Shop should have in its website.

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Mata Sepet said...

wow interesting. i never knew xl-shop is a successful e-commerce website. I always thought that it is a physical store by itself for its hardcore toy fans.

interesting piece. thanks :)

-Kevin BEN2

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see local shops like XL-shop getting involved into e-commerce. This clear off the restriction that conventional business had. People from any part of the world can view and purchase the product that they have.


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