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First seeing this post the reaction gave was “wow touch and go and fast food”; am I going to swipe the touch and go like credit card when buying a set of Burger King? That sounds good and great. Touch and go has finally shown some improvement by using the card in other application. It will be wasteful if the card in the wallet just can be used to pay for transportation fees.

Touch and go is actually a card which is widely use by most Malaysian in their daily lives. It is a pre-loaded cash card which always use for toll payment or Rapid KL bus fare payment and KTM fare payment.

This card do really helps Malaysian a lot particularly to those who live in big cities. By using touch and go in paying transportation fees, we can prevent long queue and therefore save our time to reach a destination. On the other hand, the card reduces those who drive being caught in jam at the toll house.

However, as a touch and go user I would like to voice out few troubles I have met while using this card. Firstly, touch and go really lacks counter for topping up the cards. Even the big shopping centre like Midvalley Megamall and the KTM station does not have counter to reload the touch and go. This really troubles me when I’m using it to pay my KTM fare.

Secondly, although Maybank Automated Teller Machine (ATM) does provide the top up service, still only certain Maybank ATM offers this service. Besides, if is topping by using the Maybank ATM, the minimum amount to be reloaded each time must be more than RM50 which may be little burden for a student who are less in travelling.

Anyhow, that is not the worst I have faced. I have been stuck in the LRT station and not able to come out from the exit due to the card problem even I have enough money in my card. The customer service for touch and go is also disappointing. The card problem could not be solved in LRT station itself but has to be taken to the main office.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend improving the service before the expansion usage of touch and go. Improve customer satisfaction and their convenience should be their first objective now.


junsu yee said...

Touch and go is really troublesome. Better improve the service before expanding.

Spiritz said...

thanks for sharing ,although the card is convenient to us but not many Malaysian are using it..everytime i go back hometown and pass by the toll, there is a long queue at the cash counter especially during holiday.
i hope that people can choose to use t'n Go because no need to queue up at the counter and it really save us a lot of time

James said...

tng really pissing me off. they set so many stupid tng lorong til our lorong cash stuck like shit n tat tng kosong like hell. they should make the tng less coz they move fast.

Anonymous said...

There was not much railway station for me to reload tng.Since i'm taking train.When i need to reload,i need to purposely go to certain station reload.It really waste my time.

Anonymous said...

The prepaid card for paying Rail and bus fares or highway tolls are widely used in the developed countries. It enables machines to replace ticket sellers and collectors thereby reducing running costs and also speeding up the throughput of passengers.

Anonymous said...

Do you known why Touch 'N Go is laughing all the way to the bank???

They take your money first then put it on deposit in the bank and collect the interest before you even travel.

A "Win Win Win" business model for the company.

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