A Review on Real-World Case: Google Is Changing Everything

After reading the case on the topic of “Google is changing everything”, I agree with what the topic stating that Google indeed has change the world in every aspect.

Google has been established for some period of time and when Google started to be widely used by the public, it has become one of the most popular website visited by the web users. Google is famous in its search engine where we just need to type anything that we want to know on the search engine, we will be able to obtain the results.

Google has also performed well over the past few years this shows that the strategies imposed by the management team are working. For example, in year 2005 they recorded a net profit of $1.46 billion and they estimate it will increase to $2 billion the following year. For sure, they are not giving up pushing themselves to achieve a higher level and hold more market share in the website market.

Besides that, Google’s objective is to reorganize the world’s information in order to allow the users can access the information via the website universally. Moreover, people nowadays want cheap, fast and convenient products and services. Therefore, Google is trying their best to invent new products or software in order to satisfy the needs of the public. A very good example is Google Spreadsheet, Google is trying to reinvent the spreadsheet where the web-based application will help the users to share data with other people such as employees, friends, business partners, family members and others anytime anywhere. A very good example is the Kaiser Permanente, America's largest nonprofit health maintenance organization has used Google to communicate with its 9 million members and share information with them when necessary. Besides that, Google also invented other products such as Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Mini and many more. All these are the new softwares and ideas will improve the life of the people in this earth for good.

I personally feel that the invention of the software or products by Google will benefit all the people including youths, elder peoples and even corporate persons. As a result, this may make the user’s life easier without going through any hassle.

As one of the user of Google, Google is changing the word in every aspects thus, I hope that Google reinvent or create more attractive and creative products so that it will bring more benefits and convenience to us and create a better living for the people in the world.

Salute Google!!!

Turban, E., King, D., McKay, J., Marshall, P., Lee, J., & Viehland, D., (2008). Electronic Commerce: A managerial Perspective 2008 (International Edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson-Education International.


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