About Li Yi

Name: Wong Li Yi

21 years old

Status: Single

Date of Birth: 7 / 3 / 1988

Education Background:

1.Kinder garden school (I forgot what is the school name already...hehe)

2.Primary school: SJK(C) Min Te

3.Secondary school: SMJK(C) Ayer Tawar

4.Foundation and Degree: University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Hobby: Hobby…….how should I start……I like to watch television. It has become part of my life routine to watch television. Besides that, I also like play badminton, swimming and observing people (is that consider a hobby?? haha).

I wish to become a banker one day because I’m interested in bonds, investment, shares, economics and others. Although I’m now pursuing my accountancy however my ambitions is not directly related to accounting…hehe. Sometimes I was wondering did I make the right choice 2 years ago. Besides that, i wish i can involve in teaching like becoming a tutor as part time basis or a writer ^.^

Favourite food: Basically i eat everything especially home cooked food (sometimes will ask for outside food...hehe), i do like to try out new food too.

Favourite books: I don’t really read a lot but I’m trying to adopt reading habits recently. Sometimes I do read some motivational books because I’m quite a passive person so I hope the books will help to motivate me. I also read magazines and The Edge which will give me the latest info in every aspect such as fashion, technology, business, tourism, food, gossips and many more. I also read newspapers most of the times.

Favourite movie: I watch everything as long as it is interesting but no horror movie…hehe.

Favourite song: I listen to most of the song especially English and Chinese songs. If you want me to list some I would say I like

1.Rihanna – Disturbia

2.Lady Gaga – Just Dance, Poker Face

3.Jason Marz – I’m Yours

4.Backstreet Boys and Westlife old song

5.Kelly Clarkson – My life will sucks without you

The top 5 most visited websites are

1. Yahoo website because it gives me a lot of latest information and I learn a lot of new knowledge there. ( http://www.yahoo.com/ )

2. Hotmail website because I need to check e-mails (http://www.hotmail.com/ )

3. flyfm website because I like the music and the blogs written by the DJs (http://www.flyfm.com.my/ )

4. friendster website because I can make a lot of new friends there. It is also a media to communicate with existing and new friends. ( http://www.friendster.com/ )

5. UTAR website because we have to see whether any new news or forums posted and it is also a media to communicate with the lecturers and tutors. (http://www.utar.edu.my/ )

The top 5 internet activities are

1. Chatting through MSN messanger

2. Watching drama

3. Searching for information

4. Checking e-mail

5. Browse through friendster

About me:

1. Serious when performing my job, introvent (some said I got a serious face but I’m trying to smile more now…working on it )

2. I like to finish my job as quickly as possible, don’t like to drag my job until last minute only rush to finish it.

3. I like to get along with people who are sincere, honest.

4. Shy… (I’m sure a lot of people will think that it is not true..haha )

5. Pessimistic(which I really hope I don’t have this kind of characteristics in my life)

6. Sometimes like day dreaming

7. I hate people slapping my head (even my parents also didn’t do that to me before.)

8. I extremely hate people who are a hypocrite.


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